I was raised by a group of satanist in the backwoods of the deep south, where we preyed upon hapless tourists that were lost and looking for directions … wait that’s not how it goes!

The short version: I’ve always had a fascination with art ever since I can remember, whether it was with pencils, ink or now the computer. I’ve now been seriously creating artwork for 10 years. You might have seen some of my work with such bands as Theocracy, Bride & X-Sinner or with the Retroactive Records label. I like to view my work as bringing the metaphysical to light in the physical world. A visual allegory of what exist in the spiritual world. It tends to lean to a darker side, but if you look at it closely, I believe that you will see the Biblical truths in it. The longer version of who I am can be found here: Bio

The store is a way of making some of that work available for purchase, as well as funding my coven for when the poor hapless tourist arrive … whoops!

If you’d like to see more of my work, you can look here: Artwork or check me out on Facebook