The story behind the name.

I still remember the day I got the news. I had just gotten into work, and as usual, I checked the local news online. There was a story of a family man who was killed in a horrific accident. When I read something like that, I always pray for the individuals involved. There were some things that paralleled a friend of mine, but were different. My friend had 4 children, they indicated that he had 5. My friend worked around the city repairing restaurant equipment, but this accident happened late at night in another area installing a large oven, that I didn’t think had to do with him. Then my wife called, and when I heard her voice on the other end, I knew right then that it this individual was him.

This friend I had known for 15 years. We shared a love of christian metal as well as other things. He was into much more heavier stuff than I, but over the years some of that seemed to switch as I got into heavier music. I was best man at his wedding and he at mine. I was there when his son was born prematurely. I was there through a lot of up and downs in the beginning of his new life. I was also there right after he rededicated his life to Christ. I can still remember that look upon his face as he hugged people. People he didn’t even know. His parents were like surrogate parents to a bunch of us kids as we grew up in the Lord. He opened his house up for my family to be able to move up to Georgia. His fourth child was born a week after our second. That next week was a blur of events. Most sad, a few good. I also remember sitting in the funeral home’s chapel watching as they wheeled that coffin by and realizing at that moment, it was all true. But the defining moment was listening to the sermon. It made me reflect on a lot of things in my life. Made me take a closer look at myself. My friend had lived his life for Christ, and now his death was gain. I had always comprehended that verse, but now I understood it more. It hit me then, an idea for shirt (I am an artist after all), so I wrote it down. Later I worked out the idea graphically.

Shortly before that event, God had been stirring the waters of my heart. I had gotten into a sleepy lull, not really doing anything with my life. Earlier in the year God had been speaking to my heart about this slumber and nudging me to get back into the swing of things. I decided to get back working in the church again and to stop sitting on the fence. I’m not talking about the fence that exist between the world and the church. But instead a fence of comfort. One that is safe. A different way of looking at it, would be the servant who buried their “talents” in the ground. That is what I was doing. My friend had gambled with his talents, and honestly lost some a long the way, but in the end he had gained so much more than I. This event altered it.

I had been in the process of creating the album cover for Bride’s “Skin for Skin”. My friend had been a big fan of Bride and so was I. On a whim, I had contacted them and asked if I could work on the art. When I finally finished that piece it was one of those bittersweet moments. It was the beginning of my foray into art, as well as my first piece, but I couldn’t share it with my friend, who I would’ve have been most proud to show it to. It started a chain of events that got me back into creating artwork that I liked. That’s when I created a bunch of my “pulp” artwork. So, when I was deciding on an name for a website (which these days is hard to find an unused name), that phrase came back to me, it was available, and I decided to use it.

Whenever I complete a work or listen to a great new band I always think of my friend. I wish I was able to share these things with him. In some sense, this site and a lot of my work, is in memory of that friend. The one person in my life, that would have truly appreciated my work. Who would have appreciated the music as well.

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