Name: Robert G. Wilson, Jr.
Status: Married to an awesome and talented woman and I have two great kids.

Broward Community College – Commercial Art
Fort Lauderdale Institute of Art – Desktop Publishing (Graduated with Honors)

Bride: Skin for Skin
X-Sinner: World Covered In Blood
GX: Bite Stick, Sinner & Raze Some Hell
Worldview: Logo & The Chosen Few T-Shirt
Join The Dead: Logo
Theocracy: Mirror Of Souls
Glenn Drover: Seven Spirits single artwork

Retroactive Records:
Rev Seven: Heavy Laden
Deliverance: First Four Years & The Annals of Subterfuge
King James: The Fall
Various other artists

Adiastasia: Life War

Roxx Productions:
The Moshketeers: The Downward Spiral


On the Move:
I was born in the tough neighborhoods of Grosse Pointe Woods in Detroit, Michigan. Well, it had country clubs, yacht clubs and was far removed from the harsh realities of the area, but it was tough none-the-less. Not really. Shortly afterwards our family moved to a lower economic status and then on to Indiana. I only spent about six years there, but Indiana is where I consider my childhood. We moved to a rural ex-coal mining town outside of a historic city that most Hoosiers don’t even know about. I loved the outdoors there, the seasons and the country. Sometimes I would ride my bike into town until my mother came around in the car at night to drag me home. After that I moved to the sunny shores of South Florida. I liked South Florida as well, but as the years moved on, the heat, over urbanizing of the area, lack of seasons, and constant vacation state of mind, wore me down. I packed my bags and moved to a small town in Northern Georgia. Here, I hope, I am settled for life.

The Early Years:
Besides Legos, G.I. Joe and riding my bike, drawing was a part of my early life. I can remember sitting at the dinning room table with my brothers drawing. My mother had painted at one time and my oldest brother was always drawing or airbrushing. It seemed like where ever we lived, there were never really any kids my age around. So I was bored most of the time and sat around and drew. Sometimes I would go to bed around 3 a.m. after drawing all night. That never really went anywhere, but I was always fascinated with art and wanted to do something with it. When I was about 7 or 8, I saw my first computer. It was an Apple II. Back then, the operating system was on a 5.25″ floppy disk and the internal memory was a whopping 64k (this was actually an upgrade!). It couldn’t do much, but I was interested from the get go in creating art on it. Later, when I was about 14, I saw an Apple Lisa. That was my first experience with a mouse and graphic interface. I still have the first artwork I created on that. From then on, I always looked for some way to create art on a computer. I even remember one time trying to get the Apple II to draw a simple grid like 3D sphere on the screen, by imputing this long BASIC code that I had gotten from a computer magazine, and waiting hours (I’m talking go to sleep and wake up the next day kind of hours) for it to do this. By the end you could literally smell the motherboard processor burning. The problem back then, was there wasn’t any (or much) info on art on a computer. It was a rarity, and some stuff that was out there, was, well, OUT THERE. It was Avant-garde or a bunch of nonsense. When I went into my teens, I kind of gave up. Driving, parties and music entered my life and the friends I had didn’t care about art. I went to a local community college for about a year studying what was then called “Commercial Art”. I took all the art courses, flunked out of the regular courses (even Billiards!) and quit. There was one session where we had to create a drawing and then recreate it on the computer. This schooling did, though, give me a good foundation into art basics and help me understand a lot of things.

Musical Interlude:
On a friends whim, I took up playing the bass. I had played the trombone in school (to avoid choir). It was a stupid decision that ended up being a great one. During my time pursuing music, I would always doodle band logos and such. I loved doing lettering and would think of band names and then try and design the logo. This was the extent of my graphics work through out my late teens and twenties. One day, the company I worked for, was starting a new division and needed a logo. They had a friend of theirs design some horrid looking stuff. So I asked if I could give it a try. They let me, and I did my first logo. Then I asked if I could do the artwork for their upcoming catalog cover, once again they said yes. This work, as well as the dead end career I was in, led me to go back to school.

Dawn of Creation:
Most of my life I had worked labor intensive jobs in warehouses and such. I decided that I was going no where and that computers were the future. I was either going to go to school and learn how to fix them or do design work. To fix computers, at that time, you had to go to 2 years of college with all the fixings. Uh, no I don’t think I was going to do that. So I went to the Fort Lauderdale Institute of Art instead. There I discovered my special purpose. Like a duck to water. Computers had came to the point where they could do what I had always wanted to do on them. Now I was going to make some money! Well, truth be told, I realized that I now could make the same money I was before, but do something more creative. Okay not really creative, but some of the work was fun. The rest is history.