Finally finished up the artwork for Bride’s Skin for Skin album.

Originally this was to be titled “Against All That Matters”. After creating the initial artwork, the band decided to change the title to “Skin for Skin”. I didn’t have much time, but I created this piece:


Bride – “Skin for Skin” alternate

The band decided to go with the original artwork and keep the new name.

Bride was/is a band that I totally enjoy listening to. After all these years they have managed to keep themselves fresh, while maintaining a great ministry for Christ. Also in a world where a lot of singers fade with age, Dale has managed to keep some great pipes, as anyone can tell you after going to one of their concerts. Also Troy is like fine wine, getting better with age. This CD packs a wallop. The hooks are there, screams and growls and thought provoking lyrics are all there. Check them out here or on MySpace.