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A place to post my artwork

  • dig-cal-vid-700
Once again, I am producing a calendar of my artwork. This will be a 13 month calendar for 2013, featuring 14 brand new pieces in it. While I am putting the finishing touches on it and getting the store ready,...
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  • dig-grandpapumpkin-700
Just in time for Halloween and the Fall season, I bring you "Grandpa Pumpkin", also known as "Hal O. Weenie". ...
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  • dig-zed-happybirth-700
The office life can kill you! I should know. Meet Zed the Office Zombie, in one of his first videos, singing the much dreaded office song, Happy Birthday. ...
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  • dif-theo-yt-30pos-contest-700
In a bid to bring Digger to life, I decided to animate him playing guitar and singing. He's got a talent only a father could love....
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  • dig-die-birthday-700
As some of you may know, I love me some Vikings. So, what could be better than Odin, lord of the Vikings? How about when you mix him up with Wagner, Monty Python and Happy Birthday!...
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