It’s time to “Burn the Boats!”I can’t believe it! After a lot of work, I mean a LOT. And a lot of sleepless nights away from the family, I am finally done with the Death Is Gain 2013 calendar, “Burn the Boats”.  As you can see, I changed the website to reflect the theme of the calendar, as well as added a button for my YouTube channel (check it out as well).  This 13 month calendar of my artwork features 14 brand new pieces in it (most of them never seen). I am excited and pleased with the way that this came out. I have to say that God really showed up and helped me push some lack luster pieces over the top. I am humbled that He would do so. You can read more about the concept behind “Burn the Boats” here.

Wait, but that’s not all! Not only am I offering the calendar for sale, but for the first time, I am also selling shirts of some of my work.


Knowing that a lot of people are struggling in these times, I tried to get the best pricing possible. You will notice that shipping is included in all the items. What are you waiting for? Go to my store now!


I also decided to make a little promotional video. The video features the cover artwork titled “Burn the Boats” set to the music of Greg Minier of The Crucified fame.



“Burn the Boats” story –

2010 Death Is Gain calendar –

“Do Not Be Deceived” music by Greg Minier –

The Crucified website –

Greg Minier website –