The GX Project was a collaboration between Rex Scott the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of X-Sinner and producer Glenn Thomas from Canada.

For some reason I forgot to post about this when it came out.

I think it was early last year when Rex Scott of X-Sinner contacted me about doing the artwork for a side project he was working on titled “GX Project”. I wanted to go with something a little “old school” feeling with this one. I created a rustic looking background and layered it with some metallic airbrushed looking text. It was a simple job, but I felt it fit the music.

Angelic Warlord picked them in their top 15 albums of 2012. You can read about it here. Angelic Warlord also did a review of the album here. You can follow GX Project on their facebook page here

Here is the single off of the album, “Tricky Little Devil”



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