Once again, I find myself working late in the night to meet a deadline. Will this every end?

Well, the deadline for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Peachtree Road Race t-shirt contest is/was today (post marked by). I worked until 4:00 a.m. last night (this morning?) trying to get my designs done. Of course, I ran out to the post office to mail the designs last minute, and when I got home, I realized that I had not included the CD with the art on it (I had mailed just the printed copies). Arrrrgh! So I had to run back out and ship that. Here are the designs:


This guy is titled “Peachy Keene” (I can be a cheeseball). It was the first one I came up with. Even tho he may not look metal, he actually plays with a doom metal outfit called “Rotten to the Core”. They just released their demo called “The Pits”. Here it is mocked up on a shirt:


Next up is “Planet Atlanta”


This was actually my first idea, but the last to work on. I got this idea from some stuff I have seen on the web (“Planet London” comes to mind) where someone takes a skyline shot and does this 360 Photoshop trick with it. I made it work with a peach and some buildings from Atlanta. Here it is mocked up on a shirt:


The prize on this is a $1,000 and will be worn by about 55,000 people. Anyone who finishes the race gets one. The designs will be judged by members of the Atlanta Track Club and a panel of local artist. The final 5 will be printed in the AJC and voted by the public. It would be a sweet win and a good stimulus package for my family and I. I’ll keep you updated on the outcome.