Yeah, here we go. I’ve never been much for New Year resolution making. It’s a set-up for failure. But, that being said, I use the end of the year to reflect on the past and the new year to look to future desires. Here are some things that I would like to see over this next year:

– Revamp site. I like what I’ve got, but want something better.

– Design and sell some shirts.

– Design and sell some posters.

– Design and sell something!

– Go to some friggin concerts! Man it has been such a long time since I have been to a concert.

– Get some work with some big named bands.

– Start expanding my artwork beyond using stock photography. Right now a lot of my stuff is taking stock photography and layering it. I want to do something where I would have the chance to actually conceptualize an idea, and then do some photography with models and such.

– Do some tutorials!

– Network, network, network!

– Offer some free vector and stock art, hey I’m nice like that.

– Use my wife as a model (she’s a hot Brazilian chick, why not?)

– Collaborate with my wife to create some more traditional artwork (not only is she hot, but she is talented as well. ;))

– Use myself as an “anti-model”.

– Offer more reviews and news.

– Do more “hand” work, like drawing and logos and such. I’ve gotten rusty (and lazy) with this since the computer entered my life.

– Get involved more with the local metal community. Also see if I can get onto an album in some way, like those shouting choruses you hear on albums. I can shout, ask my kids.

– Grow my beard longer, to the point I could braid it, cuz that is METAL! \mm/

Some of this has already happened. With the Stryper contest, I had to plan out the idea, use my wife as a model for the one piece, and we worked the idea out together. If I win the competition, then that will be one “big” name band that I have worked with. Go 2009!