It is finally here! The FREE downloadable cutout finger puppet (In)action™ figure of Digger as the Viking warrior “Ødbjörn”!

As some of you remember last year, I offered a FREE downloadable “Viking Helmet of Death” for my birthday, as well as a FREE downloadable Digger Christmas ornament for Christmas. Well this year is no different! This time around I am offering to all my fans a FREE downloadable cutout finger puppet (In)action™ figure of Digger! Not only do you get an awesome collectable* Digger finger puppet (with four horned Viking helmet, Flaming sword of Fiery Flaming Fire & the Black Belt of Death), but I am also throwing in a vintage authentic** viking scene as well! Now you can live out all your dreams of being a lovable mascot as well as a viking! A special thanks to my good friend Kris Olson for the perfect name of “Ødbjörn”.

Get it here: [download id=”10″]

To see him in action!

* This claim can not be substantiated. ** This statement may or may not be true.