My wife and I got to see the boys in Stryper perform at Wild Bill’s in Duluth, GA. on Saturday. This was our second time seeing them, the first time was on their 25th anniversary tour at the a Masquerade back in 2009. Wild Bill’s was nice big venue with a great light show, but the sound was pretty bad.

It had been one of those days full of running around and we got a late start going to the club (or so we thought). Halfway there I realized that I didn’t have the tickets, so I had to race back home and get back down. When we arrived at the club around 9:15, the parking lot was pretty empty and I was shocked. Being that it was not downtown in Atlanta, I wondered if people had passed on going. When we got into the club, it had maybe a good 100 people in it at the most. Being a huge place, this made it look very sparse. We met with a friend there and he told us that the opening band hadn’t even gone on yet, so that explained a lot. Speaking of opening band, on this leg of the tour, Stryper had brought the band Killinger with them. Killinger is a hard rock 80’s/sleaze band from Canada. Despite the bad sound and small crowd, they put on a great show. I had thought the bad sound might have been theirs alone, but later when Stryper took the stage, this was regretfully not so. I compare this to the sound at the Masquerade. There I could distinctly hear the guitars as well as the vocals and bass. At Wild Bills it was mainly bass and heavily distorted noise. While listening to Killinger, my wife and I ran into Jonathan Hinds from Theocracy fame. It was a great concert and Stryper put on a good show, but I felt they were not on their game as great as they were back in 2009. Maybe it was the sound, as Michael walked off the stage a couple of times between songs. But even on a bad day, Stryper is a great gig. The place definitely filled up when they took the stage, and I would say there was around 400 people there. Obviously they did a lot of the favorites as well as three songs off of “The Covering” (Breaking the Law, Heaven and Hell, Shout it Out Loud). They ended with “Soldiers Under Command”, which is always a favorite. From some pictures I have seen on Facebook it seems some fans got to hang with them after the show. Lucky!