I am excited to announce that we (my wife and I) won the T-Shirt Forums third anniversary design contest.

The theme was “Community”. Our shirt was titled “Birds of a feather”. We thought of how the forum brings people together, like birds, to a tree. Upon closer inspection, you can actually see the birds talking to each other. The tree also symbolizes growth, with the spouting leaves.

Working as a team, my wife did the initial drawing, as I applied the textures, globe image and the birds to the final product. We both worked on coming up with the color scheme. Go Team!

The prizes were $300, an iPod Touch, 5 printed shirts and of course, bragging rights. Woo hoo!

Here is a mock up of the design as it would look on the shirt as well.

The T-Shirt Forums has over 45,000 members made up of professionals, amateurs and t-shirt lovers from around the world.