Dread that dark anniversary,
that haunts our minds this day;
a black ribbon bound to you and me,
of what was taken away.

Shadows playing in the sunlight,
quickly it will be noon;
destroy the pain of darkest night,
that causes man to swoon.

A day of no signifigance,
to a land with no more time;
cast out with all the ignorance,
that shades truth from our minds.

Unite that which was bound on earth,
but torn away by death;
shed the tears to be dried by mirth,
as you breathe the new breath.

Awake those who are in deep sleep,
and join us all together;
forever now our union keep
by God’s holy tether

This time will not be remembered,
as a witness to the end;
but instead it shall be the birth,
of when true life began.

So loved ones, do not dread this day,
it is not forever;
for when the Perfect comes our way,
we shall look to this time, as the 13th of never.