Well, we are quickly arriving on the 5th anniversary of this site. So what does that mean? A contest of course! I am titling this “Where in the World is Digger”. Digger, in case you don’t know, is the lovable “mascot” of this site (he even has his own Facebook page). In the vein of my “Viking Helmet of Death” download, I am offering a “Digger Mask” download. The instructions to the contest are simple: Download the mask, print it out, cut it out and place Digger in places of interest, take a picture and email it to me. No Photoshopping! I am looking for creativity. Have fun with placing Digger in places of interest (bonus points for concerts and famous people.)* The best image will win a unique and FREE Death Is Gain t-shirt of Digger’s mug that only a mother could love. Well, he doesn’t have a mother, but I love him. If you need some examples, you can view his recent “Diggercation” to South Florida here. The winner will be chosen solely by me. Bribing is allowed. Email entries to me no later than July 13, 2011. I will announce the winner on July 18th, 2011.

Down load [download id=”8″]

Here is a picture of a similar shirt. (hot chick not included)


* Please no lewd or lascivious pictures. Digger is a respectable mascot.