I am the Lord, the Maker of all things, who stretches out the heavens, who spreads out the earth by myself – Isaiah 44:24b (NIV)

I’ve always wanted to do a classical depiction of God with a long white flowing beard and hair. I know that it is not how he looks, but it’s easily identifiable as well as ingrained into our psyche. I always thought that the artwork “The Ancient of Days” by William Blake, was a cool piece, which was partially based on Proverbs 8:27 (KJV) “When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth”


I’ve also wanted to do a piece where God was in the act of creation or some monumental task. Originally the inspiration for this piece came from Genesis 1:4 (NIV) “God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness” and was under the working title of “Dawn Breaking Forth”. I was trying to depict God as the source of light and rolling away the night, like curtains. This piece didn’t go through many changes from the beginning till the end. Just some tweakings.